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Critter Evictor provides complete and humane Animal Control in San AntonioTX.  

Scritch, scritch, scritch. squeak, squeak, squeak... BANG, BANG, BANG! Tired of noises in your attic and walls, concerned about the fire and safety hazards these rodents represent with access to wiring for lights, the AC system, your security system?

Frustrated that you have previously addressed this animal control dilemma, with a substantial financial outlay, with companies that didn't solve the problem? These companies don't understand the behavior of these rodents, usually and primarily raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and rats, and how smart they are regarding having made your home their vacation spot. Your home now represents safety from larger predatory animals and storms. These critters have developed multiple entrances to their safe haven and in most cases, companies who do not specialize in rodent removal and exclusion don't understand the complexity of performing these services COMPLETELY!

At Critter Evictor, we are experts at rodent removal and exclusion. We guarantee satisfaction and offer a 15 month warranty to ensure the sanctity of your home and your peace of mind. Simply, we complete the task as a true solution to this problem. Our process includes...

First, we humanely flush the larger rodents out with pheromones as this ensures the entire family leaves the premises. With trapping, if offspring remains, you have a larger problem about 6 days later!

Next comes full exclusion work ensuring every current and potential access point is secured. If you lock yourself out and HAVE to get into your home to take care of the kids, wouldn't you bust out a window? In most cases, these rodents have multiple entrances AND have identified other access points they can turn into an entry with little effort, within 24 hours. We are not a pest control company and these are not roaches and ants! These are smart animals who strategically plot their movement and daily activities for survival.

You now have a fortress, protected from the varmints that represent health and safety hazards that may do structural damage. We are your solution as this should NOT be an ongoing problem. Call us today and put this crisis behind you. With over 20 years of experience in critter removal and exclusion, you can be sure that we do it right and we are not finished until you are satisfied that this problem is solved.

Critter Evictor. Your solution for rodent removal and exclusion... GUARANTEED!

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We are located at 13423 Blanco Rd, Ste 304, San Antonio, TX.

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